Journal «Folia Otorhinolaryngologiae et Pathologiae Respiratoriae»

ISSN 2310-3825
ISSN online 2782-6104
Folia ORL et PR
academic journal
The journal publishes original clinical research articles, review articles, reports, and topical briefs in the core areas of otorhinolaryngology and pulmonology, including physiology, morphology, diagnostics, pathology, immunology, oncology, medical care, and surgery.
  • presentation of specialized information and clinical experience
  • informational support of scientific research in the form of publication (scientific and practical research results)
  • formation of modern clinical thinking
  • assure compliance of the journal to the level of world requirements to scientific periodicals at the expense of attraction of foreign authors reviewers and editorial board members

  • provide researchers the opportunity to publish their research results
  • attract a specialized readership to the modern perspective and actual directions of scientific researchers
  • exchange of views and experience between researchers from different regions and states
  • One of the highlights of journal policy is screening and review of published materials. All articles are tested through the ‘Antiplagiat’ system to optimize the selection process and only then sent for review
  • The editorial board carries out reviewing and editing of all incoming manuscripts in accordance with the established procedure of reviewing. Based on the review, the editorial board could accept the submission for publication, asks the author to improve the article or reject it
Our authors are the teachers of medical universities and scientific workers of the Russian Federation, countries of near and far abroad, practitioners, graduate students.
The journal has a subscription in the state printing agency ‘Rospechat’, subscription index 32014. It is included in the Russian Science Citation Index, materials are published in the scientific electronic library on the website (contract No. 676-11/2013 dated 14/11/2013).
In the development of principles of editorial ethics the editorial board of “Folia Otorhinolaryngologiae et Pathologiae Respiratoriae” was guided by the recommendations of the Ethics Committee publications – Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the experience of other editions. Ethical rules and norms are accepted by leading international scientific publishers. The observance of ethical norms and rules is obligatory for all participants of the publication process of scientific materials: authors, reviewers, editorial board members, editors and staff of the publishing house.
The editor-in-chief (responsibilities)
The editor-in-chief decides which of materials should be published:
  1. The editor-in-chief considers the accuracy and the scientific importance of materials.
  2. The editor-in-chief is guided by the policies of the editorial board and has the right to confer with other editors or reviewers in decision-making.
  3. The editor-in-chief evaluates manuscripts for their intellectual content regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, social status or political views of authors. Unpublished data from submitted manuscripts is not used for personal purposes or
  4. doesn’t passed on to third person without the written consent of the author.
  5. The editor-in-chief reserves the right to refuse the publication of materials, if there is sufficient reason to believe that the information provided is plagiarism.
  6. In case of conflict situation the editor-in-chief is responsible for claims concerning considered manuscripts or published materials, takes all necessary retaliatory measures to restore violated rights: interaction with authors and argumentation of corresponding complaint.
  7. The editor-in-chief has the right to refuse the consideration of manuscripts in case of conflict of interests due to competitive, cooperative and other interactions and relationships with sponsors, companies and other institutions associated with the manuscript.
The reviewer

The reviewer provides scientific expertise of copyrighted materials, his/her actions are unbiased:
  • The manuscript (received for review) is a confidential document and not transmitted for familiarization or discussion to third person without permission from the editor.
  • The reviewer makes an objective and reasoned evaluation about study results. Personal criticism of the author is not allowed.
  • Unpublished data from submitted manuscripts is not used by the reviewer for personal use.
  • The reviewer notifies the editor with a request to be excluded from the reviewing process of this manuscript.
  • The reviewer identifies significant published works relevant to the theme and not included in the bibliography of the manuscript.
  • If there is a substantial similarity or overlap between the manuscript under consideration and any other published work, which is in the sphere of the scientific competence of the reviewer, the reviewer draws the editor’s attention to this fact.